Apple iPad USB Audio Out Camera Kit

Word on the street is the Apple iPad will support digital audio out (16/44.1 or 16/48) with the optional "Camera Kit". From what I've researched so far, this small USB connector allows the iPad to send a digital signal to a DAC. I'm very eager to hear if, and how well, it works....

Has anyone tried it? How does it sound? What DACs and music files have you used? Anyone....anyone....Bueller....anyone.... ;)

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That is really interesting and promising if this is the case. I have pre-ordered the camera kit along with a 3G model of the Ipad. The camera kit won't be available until May 22nd. I will check this feature out once it arrives.
There's also a thread about this on Computer Audiophile. I agree it would be awesome, especially if the USB connector would also work on the ipod touch or iphone.
Got one this morning....sounds excellent. :)
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