Apple Boot Camp in public beta today

For those of you like the elegence of Apple's industrially designed hardware but have Windows Applications that you need to run, Apple gave you a nice present today.

Although I do love Mac OSX, this is good news.

Unfotunatelt it will only run on the new Intel based MAC's.....

Those of us with G4's and G5's will still need Virtual PC.
It requires a reboot to switch between OSes, unlike Virtual PC or some of the other solutions that have been offered in the past. But I guess the idea is to give Windows users the option of using Mac hardware more than it is to let Mac users also run Windows programs. I'm a Mac user but would love to run Visio. Not sure I'd want to restart to do it, though. Well, maybe.
We have just gone through this at work. Granted, I am a System Administrator, but I didn't even have to read any instructions.

First off, there is a firmware update you need to install.
Second, if you have partitioned your drive up, Boot Camp will not work. You need to have one single partition that Boot Camp 'non-destructively' partitions.
After those things are done, it's really a snap.

Apple really does 'get it'.....which leads me to believe that true hardware virtualization is definitely in the pipe. If I had to guess, I'd say by the WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) in August, we'll be able to run Windows and OS X at the same time and switch between the two...or at the very least be able to run MS apps in a window. Over the last couple of years, Apple has really picked up on listening to their core customer base.

If their stock price increase (almost 9% now) is any indication, they will keep moving forward with this idea...