Apple AirPort Extreme & the Apple Airport Express Firmware Upgrades are Available

If your music server, or any other devices, are connected to the Apple AirPort Extreme Router and the Apple Airport Express, please check each Apple device for a flashing yellow light.  This means a firmware update is required.  Go the the Airport Utility and follow the instructions for the update.

I did the Apple Airport Express first and was then requested to update the Apple Airport Express router. When completed, you might have to re-boot your computer for Internet connectivity (I did).  The entire process should take less than 10 minutes and is very easy.  Your Airport Utility password is required for this firmware update.  

Done (AE), Thank you hgeifman.

My Apple AirPort Extreme router stopped working. I doubled checked everything and finally called Apple Care. After an exhaustive amount of checks, we finally determined the LAN ports were not working. The time for the $150 (?) repair was one week+ so I bought a new unit ($199). Guess what? It also did not work. I again called Apple Care and repeated the same checks. It seems Apple router #2’s LAN ports were not working but the wireless connection was okay. I returned to the Apple Store for Apple router #3 (an exchange).

I called Apple Care back and he walked me through each step slowly to ensure everything was working. My Apple computer was finally able to connect to the router’s LAN connection BUT the story continues. My Apple AirPort Extreme router has three ports and I have 5 connections. I connected my computer to the Net Gear Ethernet switch and it failed to connect to the Internet. After more back and forth checking, we determined the Net Gear switch was not working. I am picking up a Luxul Ethernet switch today.

In addition, my TiVo cable would not connect to the Internet for Netflix streaming. I called my cable company and went through another set of checks. He quickly determined that I had to re-boot BOTH the cable box and the MoCa adopter. I did and everything is working fine.

MoCA technology provides the bandwidth reliability for in-home backbones and multi-room content sharing. Every house with coax becomes a connected home and the foundation for a better wireless experience. The MoCa device sits on top of my modem and enables the TiVo cable box to connect to the Internet using the coaxial cables. The MoCa adopter is ordered as an option when you order the TiVo cable box.

My Apple Extreme router was 3+ years old and the Net Gear switch box was 3 months old. I am very surprised these boxes stopped working. I have talked to others and they have had similar problems. The Apple Care person said he has seen similar connection problems. Has anyone else had these problems?
I installed the new Luxul Ethernet switch, plugged it in and my three devices immediately connected to the Internet perfectly (finally).

I tried to install my original Apple AirPort Extreme router for use as an extender but it would not connect to my network. I reset it a couple of times and still no connection. My computer could not find the device.  I am going to assume my original Apple AirPort Extreme router is not working and I am not going to deal with it.  

I then installed my previous Apple Airport Express and it worked perfectly. It was immediately recognized by my network.  The Apple Airport Express works for my application.

Apple Care Support was terrific. The person I talked to had the technical knowledge and a very strong commitment to solve my problem.
Based on the above two failures, its been suggested I immediately replace my surge protectors and not run both devices off the same power strip.  My IT Department recommended I make these changes.  This is not the first time they have seen these devices fail. 

I purchased two Furman SS-6B Pro Plug surge protectors.  One will be used for my Apple Extreme router and the 2nd one will be used for my Luxul Ethernet 8-port switch.  Hopefully, these changes will prevent these devices from failing again (I hope).