Apple Airport Express, Any Users?

Hello everyone!

I know there are a lot of iPod owners here on Audiogon and I am curious if anyone has purchased the new Airport express which enables you to basically use your wireless B/G network to get your digital music collection to your stereo. Great idea for entertaining or just screwing around in iTunes as I find myself doing more and more often these days.. Any feedback would be much appreciated..

Yupper, I just bought one and am setting it up. I have the Airport base station and a card in the cube. Plan on transmitting mixes to the den 2-ch stereo rather than burning discs. Wonder if I can stream from iTunes to the express?
I'm using one now, it's very cool. apple lossless files with a toslink to a digital receiver sounds pretty good. it's also great for Internet radio.
Cool, thanks for the input. I just ordered one from Apple but they stated a 2-3 week delivery. Bummer.. I am excited to play with it.

I've had one for over a week and I've been VERY pleasantly suprised by the sound quality of apple lossless over the built-in D/A converter. I plan to try it with an outboard DAC in the near future.
Got it set up today. So far absolutely fantastic. My only problem is that when I'm playing via digital cable to my Theta DAC, it can lose sync with the Theta for a second at the beginning of a song and send static into the system. This may be due to the Theta not muting when losing digital signal, but I'm not sure. I do not think its a streaming or bandwidth issue, as my network is wired ethernet 100mb/sec.

There is no such issue when playing analog out from the Airport Express. And yes, the little Airport express processor is very good, (better than expected) but I still prefer the sound quality from the Theta Progeny A.