Apple Air Pod Pros as Hearing Aids

Searching hearing aid information for a friend who is trialing a $8K hearing aid, I ran into articles and videos about using Apple Air Pod Pros as hearing aids and that some Audiogon forum posters were doing just that.

Whether $250 Air Pods plus a phone and an App (to set them up), can effectively replace significantly more costly hearing aids, now, or in the future, is the question. 

However, now that wireless, noise canceling ear pod technology is upon us, those electronics and parts that provide great frequency responses, could I assume be modified to compete with the niche hearing manufacturers and marketers, turning that closed system into a DIY market for some old-age related, hearing impaired individuals.  This would be much like the prescription eyeglass business.  In that, one can get an eyeglass prescription from their eye doctor -- like one could get an audiogram printout from their ENT -- and use it to order eyeglasses on the internet, which I have done.

Removing the hearing aid seller from the mix would be much like removing the home automation installer & equipment seller from the Smart Home mix.  In this case $1,000's of dollars can be deducted from middlemen and their hardware, who did nothing more than installing and tweaking the product that was formerly only available from them (not by the homeowner from the manufacturer). Hence, the crazy mark-ups that both manufacturers and re-sellers could make, because the market was a niche, low volume one and as such, a closed and non-competitive one.  Consider the volume sales of $250 Air Pod like (hearing aid) devices and an App and voila, the hearing aid market niche business, could well be shattered in the coming years.  Hopefully for the hearing impaired and their wallets, that will be the case.  

At any rate, if anyone is considering hearing aids to improve their audio room enjoyment, a first step, might be to research using Apple Air Pod Pro's for that purpose.    

Apple Air Pod Pros as Hearing Aids (Youtube video 1)

Apple Air Pod Pros as Hearing Aids (YouTube video 2)

Apple Air Pod Pros - Hearing Aid Review


Sounds good.  A family member has been ripped off by insane pricing for years. This would be a godsend if it, or a similar alternative, worked.

My 99 year old mother has used high quality in the ear canal hearing aids for years.

Now, in nursing unit, she plays the TV too loud.

I sent her AirPods Pro to use for her TV, wondering how they would work. Returnable from Amazon. Fabulously easy, pair once, then: open charging case, sound automatically jumps to AirPods, close charging case, sound automatically jumps back to TV speakers.

She uses them in her ear, loves them. I'll see her for Mother's day, I'll ask her more about comparison to her hearing aids.

elliottbnewcombjr:  Good to know about your mother's AirPod Pro use. 


When you set-up the AirPod Pro's, did you perform any frequency response adjustments to compensate for hearing loss at those frequencies?  I believe those modifications are available and discussed in the videos?  However, because the information was for a buddy, I only briefly perused the videos and review.  So, I don't know the specifics of what can be adjusted.
Having you mom's input via her comparing the AirPod's to her hearing aids, would be interesting to hear (no pun🙂). Also, posting her comparison, might represent a record review for this forum, based on the age of the reviewer.  I hope your family has a great Mother's Day!!     

I received a pair today from Costco.  I will use them for conversation.  Music I can turn up.  My understanding is they are for mild to moderate hearing loss and fit might be an issue.

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I found Airpods at a reasonable price but was astonished by their sound when used the techniques to increase the sound of Airpods