Apparently new artist don't even know what a melody is and drum machines suck

l'm not a fan of new country however why does every song sound the same? And Apparently real drumming is a dying art as drum machines rule the roost. Nobody knows how to write a melody anymore even if i didn't like the style of music i could respect a well written melody well not anymore.How long before music will be 100% phased out. Are we next? This generation doesn't even know what the word audiophile means.When i used to open the audio magazines back in the 1970's as a teenager the pages came alive and everybody was enthusiastic about the sound of real music and how it made us feel and when you got concert tickets to your favorite band and showed up at school the next day wearing the concert tee,you instantly became cool.l feel sorry for those generations who did not get to experience real living and happiness what's that? O.k no we did not have computers or cell phones or 500 cable T.V channels and we didn't need them because we were to busy living. and if i wanted to play video games i hit the arcade with my friends and we laughed and had a good time,Does anybody remember good times. l wouldn't trade being a teenager again for the memories of a life spent living which is something this generation will sadly never know my friends.
And enough with that godawful screaming!
And get that stupid skateboard off my driveway!
Blake constantly says Country needs to get back to its roots, and why he keeps working with and promoting old country singers on The Voice
I agree with your assessment guitarsam. Now,get you,your skateboard, and your green hair OFF OF MY LAWN!
“Apparently new artist don't even know what a melody is and drum machines suck”

Who cares, they are too focused on showing their booties and counting millions of dollars. Their music is no more than ‘flavor of the week’.  
“Apparently new artist don't even know what a melody is and drum machines suck”

Who cares, they are too focused on showing their booties and counting millions of dollars. Their music is no more than ‘flavor of the week’.
and twerking. Is that still a thing?
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Theodore Sturgeon's Law: "Ninety percent of everything is cr*p"
Might have to reconsider that % in today's world.......
Today, Sam's suffering from a total lack of sympathetic resonances.
A guitarsam post following a Kenjit post....mmmm. Very interesting!
Anyone remember slot cars?? Most current Country music these days, I call Country pop

Old man yells at cloud?
Sam was obviously at the arcade when the English class started. 🇦🇺
Does anybody remember laughter?
Sam there, I think today's drum machines aren't machines, they are computer and lifeless. A computer that simply emulates something like the classic Roland CR-78 and such.
There's a very simple answer that has apparently eluded you.
Stop posting these stupid threads and say something worthwhile for a change.
@geof3....*raises hand*  I do! I do! *LOL*

I do it a lot these daze.....avoiding buying high powered weapons and being more of a....

...than I currently am. ;)

So much of late would seem a parody if it wasn't too close to be real....

*sigh* Pardon the compression on that....the cut on digital plays so much better....

Got to see & hear that live, so long ago.

Pity it's just gotten more 'applicable' in most ways....🤢

@guitarsam and anyone else looking for real songs sung by real singers and played by real musicians, you're looking in the wrong place. There is a whole scene happening on an underground/cult level, called Americana. The label New West Records has an artist roster equal to that of Warner Brothers/Reprise in the late-60's and 70's. Yep Rock is another great label, and there are others.

Check out the No Depression website for coverage of the genre. There are a number of YouTube videos recorded at the annual Americana Music Association Awards Show. On them you can see and hear artists such as Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller, Jim Lauderdale, John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Alison Krauss, Iris Dement, John Prine, Rosanne Cash, Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, Rhiannon Giddens, Larry Campbell, many others. 

Very few musicians left. They have been replaced by “performers”. They do all sound the same as the production companies own the tracks and are just too cheap to develop new tracks. All about the money.
What are some of you guys talking about? “Very few musicians left”?!? Seriously? You’ve got to get out more often.

Funny, while I agree about the intrusion of a “pop” sensibility into a lot of current “country” music (my wife is a fan of some of it.....I’m working on it 😊) let’s put it into some sort of perspective. Compared to most “pop” music getting airplay, much of current country music, even “pop country music” contains infinitely more real musicianship.  We often hear good guitar and fiddle playing; not to mention fairly well crafted songs and often decent vocal chops compared to the typical “pop” dreck that I hear getting air play. Comparison to most Pop music may be setting a low bar, but still...

For country music (Americana) a cut above check out bdp24’s list. There and beyond is where the good stuff is happening.
Music today, in general, is crap.  Too much programmed electronics, effects, compression.  Nothing like real humans playing real instruments.  Clever songwriting with great lyrics and chord changes is a thing of the past as well.  Songs are being written primarily for shock value (refer to "WAP") and have one or two chords.  Sad. 
Just because what you consider "real music" is not being served to you on a silver platter, does not mean it's not being made, it just means you might not be looking hard enough. Not just Americana, but there is amazing new music across most genres. Conversely, the formulaic business-oriented music you loathe has definitely always been there too. 

Back in the late 1960's, "underground" radio broadcasting appeared on the FM dial, offering music lovers an alternative to Top 40 AM radio. College radio is now a source of good radio programming; in Portland Oregon there are good Classical and Jazz stations.

YouTube is another source of information about quality new music being recorded and released. You can't expect to find it on TV or mainstream radio, any more than we could on AM radio in 1968.

I have no idea what most people are judging the " no musician or good music" by.
I hardly have enough free time in a day to even start to work through all the great new music that is available.
Try a streaming service like Spotify or Qobuz.
You might just be shocked at how much great music by great musicians is still being produced.
+1 Uberwaltz.
Now if I could only become independently wealthy so I could give up the day job and spend more time listening.  
And their hair is to long!
Sam here and the people who own the record companies also own the radio stations and the billboard charts and if you got real talent you have no chance of getting played all they want is lifeless music about sex drugs killing  that's all folks game over and no time left for a reset
You should look into indie music. There is still a lot of talent out there.
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On this score I totally agree that you are NOT going to find great new music by talented musicians on any mainstream radio station, period.

As has been mentioned for better venues.
College stations, streaming services, both Spotify and Qobuz have whole sections just dedicated to new and up and coming artists.
Too much great  stuff and not enough time to listen!
My problem is finding the $ to pay for all the new music I want on LP ;-) . As others have said, there is currently a LOT of great new music being made. Expecting to hear it on TV or most commercial radio is not realistic. If we can find the good stuff, so can you! It's all over YouTube.
O.k you don't need to spend a lot of money on new vinyl cut from digital master all your getting is a vinyl cd. encode the 33 hertz frequency onto digital audio and not only do you remove the digital fingerprint the digital audio will sound as good or better than vinyl cut from analog master.

It's a popular myth that "all" vinyl is being cut from digital masters. I say myth because it's simply not true. Anyone who has been in a professional recording studio lately knows that. I recently recorded in the same studio in Portland Oregon in which Bill Frisell has recorded most of his recent albums. It's done on a 2" multi-track, then mixed onto a 1/2" 2-track, all in analogue. The 2-track analogue mix tapes are sent for LP mastering, not digital copies.

New West Records attaches a sticker to the front of their LP's that proudly proclaims: "Audio mastered For Vinyl". Buddy Miller (Emmylou Harris' band leader, producer, solo artist) records his New West albums (and those he produces for other artists) on the 2" analogue multi-track he has in his Nashville living room studio, then mixes onto an analogue 2-track. His albums sound amazing! Great music, too.

Sure, they are in the minority, but so what? "Good" music itself is in the minority; whatta ya gonna do, stop listening to all music 'cause some of it's not good? All the great reissues being done by audiophile labels (MoFi, Analogue Productions, etc.) are done from analogue masters. I sure wish those repeating the falsehood they have heard would educated themselves. Generalizations are rarely true or accurate.

wasting time on Sam = 0

listening for awesome new music for @noromance while he is at work = 100

no disrespect @bdp24 but JJ Cale ( all analog out of his Escondido studio ) used a drum machine to good effect. ( you would have been better, behind the beat in the pocket ) but it will just have to do...
uber is right so much freaking great new and remastered music on Qubuzz and Tidal and indy radio it is overwhelming...

guitar sam what axe are you actually playing ? or did you grind down the edge whining ?
**** guitar sam what axe are you actually playing ? ****

You, me and all here.  I think it’s time.....
"Music today, in general, is crap. "
Says every generation. Music changes. You get left behind.