Appalachian Spring

Can anyone recommend an analog recording of Copland's classic?

You could try Reference Recordings RR2, great sound quality but some find the performance a tad slow. In any case it's an excellent recording 

stereophile review here

The RCA recording with Copland conducting was the one I grew up with, I still listen to it.  I thought I saw it reissued, maybe by Analog Productions, but I don't see it anywhere so maybe it's a possible future reissue.  The originals should be out there in used bins, though.  I note that RR22, mentioned by Folkfreak, is the original version for 13 instruments, not the full orchestral version.  It is a different take on the piece, but a good one to have in the collection.
The Reference Recordings LP is a great recording of the original chamber orchestra scoring of Appalachian Spring (13 instruments). I've come back to it regularly over the years. For a full orchestra performance, The Bernstein/NYP on Columbia is excellent as is the Copland performance also on Columbia. I like the Dorati/LSO performance on  Mercury, but it doesn't quite get me at the emotional level like the other three mentioned.

Thanks for the recommendations. The only recording that I have is a 1987 London cd of a 1976 performance by the LA Philharmonic; very engaging but I want to get a full analog LP.
I'm afraid I'm all digital here. Can anyone comment on the Sony with Copland conducting?