Apollo-r or Saturn-r

Hey Gang - I'm relatively new to this site. I'm having a hard time finding any reviews of the sound differences between an Apollo-R and a Saturn-R. I have an Apollo-R and was curious if the Saturn-R provided an increase in sonics solely as a CD player as I'm not interested in streaming music. Anyone that's owned both who could chime in?

Very recent 2014 Canada HiFi review of the Saturn R cdp....

As good as the Apollo R is at it's price point, the Saturn R is the big next step up.

Highly recommended to audition.
After hearing both I agree with Akg_ca's post above. The Saturn-R is a clear step up in sound quality from the Apollo-R even if its DAC functionality is not of interest.
Welcome! Mike-

earlier this year, I spent many demo(s) w/ the new Saturn-R.
It is the next step up if you are looking to upgrade. Very fine player, better DAC as well. While I am not into computer audio-there is that (future) aspect to consider.

All demo times were w/ matching Elicit-R integrated Rega amp and Devore Orangutan speakers. Excellent synergy, pleasant listening w/ these components.
Keep me posted and go listen for yourself.
The above post's are spot on. As much as I like the Apollo-R (and I like it quite a bit), the Saturn-R is a pretty nice step up.

***Rega dealer disclaimer***

what other ear is in your system? Actually, if you do not need the fancy DAC that is in the new Saturn-R, check out NAIM cd players. These are very fine sounding as well and cd only. No games nor gimicks -just pure listening pleasure.

I was really impressed w/ this brand and its ntegrated amps as well. Happy Listening!