Apogee & Tubes

Would a 50/w per channel tube amp be enough and a good compliment to Apogee Slant 6s? Normal listening is done at lower volumes and to softer rock and jazz
I had used tubes to power my Apogee Stages. I used a subwoofer and that helped tremendously. I believe the year was 1993
I ran a pair of Stages with VTL MB 450s as part of a mini-grand system and loved the sound. The Slant 6 should do well with a good 50 wpc tube unit as long as it can handle trnsient impedances as most should by the virtue of output trannys.
I say yes if the amp can handle a 4 ohm load you should easily drive the Slant 6's. I drove a pair of Centaur Minors and eventually moved up to a pair of Centaurs with the 8" woofer for several years with a Modified Dynaco Stereo 70. I used them in a room that was at least 13' x 16'. An open den and they were wonderful sounding. You will hear the essence of the equipment through the ribbon tweeter/midrange. I do caution you to know the limits of you speakers. If you overdrive the Ribbon(s) you will hear a faint flapping sound which bought about the suspension mods. If you don't take notice you could damage the ribbon. I believe all the Slant Series came with the suspension upgrades. But just in case you now know.
Thanks both for your replies, I was considering the Audio Research CA- 50 tubed integrtated as a replacement to my Classe CAP 151. But my worry has been that that AR would have enough reserves and all to safely handle my listening needs or if it was just too low on power to be avoid problems no matter what I listen to. I have never had any tube gear in my systems before and just have a lot of concerns and need help to stay out of troubled choices.