Apogee Stage: Midrange Magic?

I had a pair of Apogee Stage loudspeakers for a few years before selling them and trying a pair of Martin Logan SL3s. Although I found the Stage and its image height a bit vertically challenged and I never tried the integral subs, I must say that I had some moments of midrange magic with the Apogees, using a Jadis JPL pre-amp, Mark Levinson No. 30 and a trusty old Aragon 4004. Joni Mitchell's Blue seemed particularly chilling and immediate, as I recall -- MUCH more so than my SL3s or Magneplanars which I have owned in the past. Does anyone agree that those ribbons had something special in the mids or am I imagining it? Would the midrange have been even better with the subs? Any other candidates for midrange champions? Is midrange fetish the straightest path to audio nirvana? Let's hear your thoughts.
I have never heard midrange as realistic (complete and colorful like real music, yes the sound of real intruments is very colorful) as from the Stax F-81 electrostatic. Very difficult speaker in many ways; but as far as what turns me on (midrange completeness)there is nothing like it in my experience. Imaging in my medium size room is absolutely sensational to boot.
The old, original QUADS!
I owned Apogee Duetta speakers for several years, the midrange was seductive. I sold 'em off when I had kids cuz I figured they'd put their rlittle hands right through the ribbons. I miss those speakers, although I do like my Martin Logan Quest Z's
Even tho the company is gone but I'll live with my apogee till the ribbon is torn apart. Magic.
YES The Stages do have a Magical Midrange and yes they are better! than the Logans and Maggies in this respect.(this is why I listen to mine every chance I get. B
I lived with a pair of Stages for almost 10 years. In all of that time and up to today I have NEVER heard a loudspeaker that could best the midrange of the Stages. The Stages are magic =period=. That doesn't mean that they were the best speaker ever made. The Innersound Isis and Eros, ML Prodigy, Soundlab and a host of other speakers were subjectively better in the context of overall sound. In my opinion the Stages were a very special product offering and way ahead of their time. For midrange realism they are the best. I sold mine 8 months ago and yes, there are times when I miss them.
Having lived with, on extended periods, original Quad ESL-57s, Stax F-81s, and Apogee Stages, I would say each of these wonderful speakers have their merits. The Quads were beautiful in a narrow(mid-band) range; the Staxes were natural yet fast and soundstaged great(though somewhat miniturized). Both of those sounded fabulous with tubes, though the Stax needed a lot of power so I usually used hybrid or SS amps(with tube pre-amps). The Apogees are incredibly life-like, startlingly so at times, and this while using SS electronics(Krell my preference). However, I believe they use a second order crossover, meaning the tweeter and woofer are out of phase with each other. It really bugs me on recordings where the absolute phase is reversed, especially because this speaker is so transparent and revealing. I've been through a ridiculous number of speakers recently, but I long to own a set of Krell-driven Mini-Grands(I currently have Stages and Centaurs), though Divas w/Dax are so good it hurts, and a friend's ProAc Future IIs(dipole midrange with ribbon tweeter) are just plain spooky in the midrange.
I still own a pair of Apogee Duettas and there are times when the vocals are just plain scary. You truly feel as if you are there. The Stages are even better! the first time I heard them set up I was floored. The mids are absolutley amazing un their detail and ability to reproduce the most delicate passages is ....wow.