Apogee Scintilla Power

I know this is an old topic but here in 2019 has anyone come across any “new” ideas for driving Scintilla 1 ohm’s?  Just looking for some options. The obvious ones i know/heard of are old Krell, H2O, Lamm (big money) and some pretty wild european amps? I currently have a pair of Sunfire 300’s (with Scintilla mod) that actually sound pretty good and it is amazing what Bob Carver achieved here but looking for the next step. Thanks for any ideas. No need telling me to sell my Scintilla’s.....:). I am all in and really do like the Apogee stuff. Maybe its nostalgic or the journey. Thanks very much. 
How about Jim Strickland's big TNT amp that he designed to drive his paralleled Acoustat electrostats? 250 watts @8ohms and double that as the impedance drops! I have one in my collection. Now I wish I had bought that pair of second-hand Scintilla's offered to me years ago!
Keep the mono-ed Sunfires! Those are great amps, for sure! Anything else will only be a marginal advance, if that! Honestly! And if I remember correctly, didn't Bob Carver make a Sunfire 600 Signature? Today's "boutique" amps are way overpriced and built to attract the gullible and neurotic!
Damn! I could have had those Scintilla's for about $900! Alas ...
If you don't want to go money-crazy with brands like Block, look into Magnus. They have some really powerful and well built amps that have been well reviewed. Then there's Mac of course, but I realize that is a polarizing subject... 
Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the Sunfires will stay in the collection for now. There is a 600 as well. I think the 300 is 1200w at 1ohm. Quite remarkable. Will check out Magnus and TNT. 

I tried a McIntosh MC7270 and it did not get close to the Sunfires. The Mc has a 1ohm connection terminal that is achieved through the autoformer. Ran fine, cool, etc. but did not have the punch of the SF.

Scintilla’s for $900 a deal for sure. But most likely would have required some work. Could have cost you 5-6K in the end, without a fancy finish. Based on what i have heard (which may be limited) worth it. Of course my Dynaco A25’s i picked up at goodwill for $35 sound pretty sweet...:). 
I had those back in the day.   The sun fires will drive them pretty well. Big soundcraftsmen amp is what you want for something cheap to run them.  Like a 5002      If you can find a used krell  fbp series those will make the scintilla sing.
Acoustat TNT! Excellent amp, now forgotten!

Jason Bloom often demoed the Scintilla with either a pair of mono Classe DR-3's or a stereo Classe DR-3VHC

Other than the one ohm load, that speaker is otherwise reasonably efficient and easy to drive. The only time I heard a pair was at a reveiwer's house with our 100 watt MA-1 amplifiers using a set of autoformers to accommodate the load. There was plenty of power and it sounded quite nice.

So if you wanted to use tubes, you could get a set of ZEROs (www.zeroimpedance.com) to help the amp out with the load.
Thanks for the additional input. DR-3’s definitely on the list.

Great thought on the autoformers. What is interesting is that my Mc MC7270 has autoformers and a 1 ohm connection did not sound great with the, Scintilla’s. Sounds great with many other speakers. Would love to try the Zeros. Not cheap. 
Its really important to keep your speaker cables as short as possible when dealing with a 1 ohm load!! If ever there was an argument for balanced operation and monoblocks, this is it because you really don't want to have speaker cables be over about a foot or so unless they're 4 gauge or larger. The actual speaker connectors are important too as you simply don't want any DC resistances in series with the amplifier output.
There are a couple of Wolcott Presence amps on ebay (do a search) one is a stereo amp rated at 120 watts($3500) the other one are mono amps rated at 220 watts($3600) Ive heard that they work great with panel speakers but never listened to them except at a show (CES).Something to check out, TISH
Thanks for the Wolcott tip! While i am certainly a tube fan with some really great sounding older CJ tube amps i am going to try to make SS work for the Scintillas. Certainly much debate around which is better and attributes for each i value. The apogee ribbons really do respond to control which is why the H2O class D of Henry Ho’s is so highly regarded. I read somewhere that Bob Carver has some new tube designs set up for hard loads (like 1 ohm Scintilla). Something tells me this could be a really good option if within reach financially. 
Class D has to use a filter at the output to get rid of the switching noise. This filter has to be designed to accommodate a certain impedance. Pretty sure that 1 ohm is not a consideration. Most are set up for 4 ohms. Its not that the amp may not be able to drive the load, simply that the filter isn't set up to do its job on such a low impedance.

Having heard this speaker with tubes, 'control' isn't the issue. 
Good point on the Class D. Whatever Henry Ho created with his H2O amplifiers he definitely designed them to work with 1 ohm Scintillas. Cannot speak to the exact design elements. 

Control, was the wrong term regarding tubes on the ribbons.  I can say that when I biamp my Apogee Duetta signatures I use my CJ Premier 11a on the high end and it is an unbelievable combination. I wish the Premier 11A sounded as good on my, Scintillas. The Scintillas have a more complex ribbon for the high end which includes additional ribbons for midrange. Maybe just not enough power at 70wpc. Still have not given up with this approach for, Scintillas. Obviously with biamping with passive crossovers everything has to be gain matched.
Krell KMA-100, with short lengths of Siltech speaker cable was a very good result back then.
Sell the Scintillas unless you have placed a bet with yourself.
Thanks for the advice and there is quite a bit of old discussion around Krell, etc. Looking for reliability and more modern approach. SS or tubes. Maybe Pass Labs. Great but expensive. 

Sorry, as noted in the opening of this thread the Scintillas are not for sale (or the subs I needed before the Scintillas that have been repurposed in friends systems) or my Duetta Signatures, or my Dynaco A25’s or my Polk SDA’s or my Klipsch LaScala’s and old BGW and Crown stuff and.....a long list of audio brilliance in its own way....what a great hobby.....or should i say great affliction. 

 Actually maybe I do have a problem should have a sale.....:).

The only thing i “bet” is that some people may like my stereo system and some may not...and depending on my mood and the barometric pressure i can tend to vary on my satisfaction level as well......:)