Apogee Mini Grand vs. Duetta Signature

I was all set to purchase a set of Duetta Signatures: bought an Aragon 4004, would sell off my Infinity RS-1Bs and Stages, etc. Then I got to thinking, how about buying Stage subwoofers and making Mini Grands instead? I've never heard them before; they're supposed to be great. Any thoughts?
I had a pair of Mini Grands several years ago. Upside is they sound superb as long as you are sitting in the sweet spot. Downsdide is lengthy - the sweetspot is very small. Once you get up from your listening spot the sound changes, it takes two of everything to run these speakers (two amps, two sets of speaker cable, two sets of interconnects, etc). They are large and very difficult to manuever, and they have terrible resale value. They are also quite large and can easily overpower a room. i would think this one through thoroughly.
I have owned the Mini's for years. Many so called highend speakers have come and gone.(no name's mentioned) To put thing's in proper perspective. The Mini's are still with me! I have never heard the Duetta's. Infact as i write this iam listening to Miles Davis Kind Of Blue on SACD. All i can say is COOL MAN!
PS. I don't know what the other guy is talking about as the Mini's are the smallest in the grand line.