Apogee mini DAC w/USB & Big Ben

Would this work?

For a PC-Rig & with a good CD transport?

I have heard the mini DAC fed by Esoteric X-30 and DV-50 sounded very good. Better than the CDPs direct into amp.

Read about the Big Ben clock but seems these products are targetted towards recording audience vs audiophile consumer.

These run at $1.1K for mini DAC and $1.5K for Big Ben. Compared to high end CDPs might be a more versatile way to approach the Digital sourcing. The PC is nice for storing/serving but quality hard to enhance. But also these might pair well with a good transport. Of course interconnects will add to the cost.

I am guessing there are flaws, probably obvious, with this approach since have not seen anyone else propose. Well anyway, welcome comments on why this would be a good or bad idea.

I do have a good vinyl rig, which is my saving grace right now for quality source, but have alot of CDs and use an iHP with lossless for portability, rip with EAC and have a nice HTPC, dying to get a decent digital rig to greater utilize my CD library.
Hi Spinitch:
I have two Big Bens in my system. It is an excellent piece of gear. I can't say much about the mini-me because I've never heard it.
I've heard the new Rosetta 200 is going to be a killer dac with Big Ben jitter reduction built in. You might mant to consider that.