Apogee Duetta Sigs? Help with new amp

I am looking for some help with a new amp for the Apogees.A friend has these with an Aragon 8008, BAT 3i preamp and an Audio Research CD 1 cdp. The Aragon is hooked up to the BAT with a long run of balanced Vampire ics that are copper with a silver coating. He has Cardas Golden Cross from the cdp to the pre. He is looking for a more refined, sweeter sound ie less bright. He is looking used in the ballpark of $2500 to $3000. As of now he is thinking a used Plinius SA 250 MkIII. Any thoughts or suggestions would be very welcomed. Thanks.
The Sim W-5 was the best amp I ever heard on my Duettas. Seems as if it will do what he wants.
Thanks kr4. Curious as to what else you heard on the Duettas.
Sonic Frontiers, Bryston, McCormack, PS Audio (old), Aragon, etc.
Classe. Dave Reich and Jason Bloom were quite close back when the two companies flourished. Apogees needed current and Classe delivered in spades. I used several amps with my Duettas, the Classe VHC was the best match. Scour the web, any Classe amp with the moniker "DR" (DR-3, DR-VHC, DR-8, DR-9) was designed by Dave and I'm certain will sound terrific with your Duettas. These amps do show up on the used market quite often and are an incredible value. Buy two and have a blast!
The older Krell amps also do a great job. I used a pair of KMA-100 MkII's for 6 years. KMA 160's also do nicely.

BTW, I'm driving the Duetta Signatures with Pass Aleph 1.2's now, and they're a great combination. Much sweeter than the Krells on mids and highs. Not quite as much bass "slam", but a tighter more natural bass.

The Classe DR's mentioned above are also a good match.
While we all know that Apogee's are phenomenally tough loads, i once saw someone running bridged Perreaux 2150's on them and they did this for many, many years. Since bridging and low impedances typically create havoc, that should tell you something about how sturdy these amps were. If memory serves me right, i also think that someone from Audiogon was running a similar set-up but i can't remember who. Either way, i just thought that i'd throw that out for something to chew on. Personally, i would choose a 3150 or something newer in the Perreaux line over one of the 2150's. MUCH warmer and smoother sounding. Sean
I owned Duetta Sigs for a few years. Listened to many amps and was quite happy with a Classe 25 but later found an even better match in a pair of Rowland Ones (should be able to find for under $3000 used). These will fit the warmer, sweeter bill as well as anything I've heard, with plenty of current to control the speakers (240 wpc w/ headroom). Never heard Plinius with them...probably fits his needs well too, but he'll be very lucky to find them in his price range.