Apogee Duetta signatures or mirage M3si?

Guys would love your advice re preference for either of these two models which are available to me at identical price...have theta dreadnaught and proceed pre...love the "natural"mirage sound which I have in the form of OM 6s as part of combined 2 channel and home cinema...never heard the Apogees..but knowing that I like the Mirage sound and enjoy all kinds of music(particularly jazz and motown) outside of heavy metal, how does the duetta presentation compare and what should I look for in the audition Im about to have re the Apogees in terms of their condition..Im preparing to set up a separate dedicated 2 channel system.... with love from down under Dave

I have listened to the M3si's many times and at one time almost bought a pair ( I liked them better than the bigger M1's).

I own Duetta Signatures and drive them with a SS amp and tube pre-amp.

Both speakers like a good amount of power and sound best well out from the wall behind them. The M3's should also be well away from side-walls as they are bi-polar design. The Apogees are di-pole and are not as effected by side-walls. Bass response is about the same for both...the M3's are darker sounding than the Duetta Sig's. The Duetta Sig's have the better midrange quality and both are slightly roled off at the extream treble response (not bright) sounding.

I am not sure if replacement parts can be had for the M3si's (maybe someone else will no) or you can call Mirage. Replacement ribbons for the Duetta Sig's can be found from a guy (Graz) who lives in your neck of the woods.

Not much help I know, but I like both speakers if setup properly. Your amp should not have a problem.

parts are still available for the M 3 so I'm sure the 3si parts are available just checked couple weeks ago.
Sogood51 wouldn't the Apogee have a more forward more in your face presentation than the Mirages and less soundstage depth also?
Thanks guys...is there any obvious things to look for on the Apogees re adverse wear annd tear? Im no technician and replacing parts would be beyond me if it was not the simplest of jobs...this clearly counts against them..I just thought that the Apogees would give me a little variety but the 3sis may be the safer bet
I have owned and sold many speakers in my 30-year-old audio hobby; the Duettas are the ones I'd take back in a second; How much are those Duetta Sigs?

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I understand your situation. I just jumped in and bought Scintillas that need work. My technical abilities are blow average at best. There is a whole community of Apogee people that can help you and there are people who still repair these speakers . The ribbons are readily available so these speakers can easily be rebuilt by skilled hands. There are even amplifiers that are being built especially for Apogees at a reasonable cost. The Apogee community has more than filled in the gaps that the manufacturer left. Good luck on your pursuit whichever way you choose. Where you are located has some bearing on how far you are from help with Apogees. If you were to reveal your whereabouts I might be able to comment on this. Bob
Sorry, didn't catch the down under reference! You are closer to the most expert of Apogee help than most of us! Good luck. Bob
Thanks again guys..vladimir they are $2300 U.S...in oz this is probably pretty good but let me know if you think it is too much...vladimir could you tell me why these speakers are stand outs to you?...cheers
update....auditioned the Apogees and have to say that Mejames could not have been more accurate in his description of the presentation ...at least in this setup....at higher levels I really found brass etc (which is well recorded) far too bright....diy valve pre with bel canto monos...delightful sellers but the sound was not my cup of tea... any other suggestions for trials knowing my preferences?...thanks
I've owned the Mirage M1 and various Apogees in the past. The most transparent speakers I've ever heard were the Apogee Duetta and original Martin Logan CLS and now the Hyperion HPS-938. The Apogees are harder to drive and more difficult to set up than the Mirage, but they are on a another level for midrange, imaging, staging, and transparency compared to the Mirage. If you can find the right amp and right room, very few speakers are its equal regardless of price.
I owned a pair of duettas that my fiancee (now wife) made me sell. I have always missed them and have never found anything better (for less than 10K). They combined well with a decent subwoofer. Surprised to hear that they cost so much used. Also, I wonder if anyone knows the best place to look for these in the Northeast US.
I am one lucky guy. I have the 1 ohm Apogee Scintillas powered by
scintilating H2O monos, wired by Home grown Silver Lace, and a non
over or up sampling Audio Note DAC doing the front work. This music
machine is truly heaven on earth. My total cost for all the above was
Post a topic on the Apogee board that you are looking to buy a pair and you might get lucky. Also keep your eyes on ebay and Audiogon. Bob