Apogee Duetta Signature Series II - Upgrade Recommendations

Hi All,

Big dilemma. UPS dropped my left speaker very hard in transit and now there is a buzz at certain low frequencies in the bass panel. I’ve spoken to both Rich at True Sound Works and Bill Thalmann at Music Technology. I see my options as spending around $4,500 to replace/upgrade the ribbon and bass tweeters/(magnets) with Graz (and replace the acoustic foam). The overall sound will be improved while, as I understand it, staying true to the original sound. My other option is to more piecemeal start by upgrading the bass unit on both speakers with the goal in the end of building Duetta Ultimates. However, this route also means they are being re-engineered. Input from anyone with real world experience with both or one of these upgrade paths is greatly appreciated, even if with a different model such as the Diva or Scintilla. I’m very weary of losing that magic of these speakers I grew up with, something that Apogee owners know so well (my dad was the first and only owner since ‘88 until I finally acquired them about 5 months ago). Here is my current system for reference...
i have direct ownership w Stages so not a direct example but I suspect like your speakers, many real world inputs rare as hens teeth - i would try to see if the panel buzz is caused by the front decorative frame being loose - mine were after shipping and some blue tack fixed it......
I appreciate the input. I’m having a hard time visualizing what you are referring to and how you fixed it exactly. Please elaborate.
Some background info - My left panel that has this issue is actually not flush with the shell because of rough handling by UPS. Also, a stress sliver of the mdf on the top edge where the panel meets the shell now exists. Luckily, it consists of three slivers that I’m able to pop back in. So, that in itself isn’t a huge issue I can’t live with for now. It does, though, illustrate what must have happened.

If you want to pm me, I can put you in touch with some long-term Apogee owners/experts that can answer your questions about any model and also provide recommendations re: restoration providers.

on the stage the drivers are wounted in a MDF plate and sits inside a rebate in the decorative shell, IF the mdf does hot sit flush it has a gap - typically on a corner - which can buzz ( mechanical ) I seperated the front decorative shell and used blue tack on the loose corners between mdf frame and shell, reassemble and buzz went away.
as the drivers are treasures! I would not do this solo if you are not mechanical and very very careful 
   I own a pair of Duetta II's, which I bought new in 1987. In 2008 one of the bass panels failed. i took them to Rich Murry of True  Sound Works. He replaced all the ribbons in both speakers with the replacement ribbons made by Graz in Australia. He also replaced the existing capacitors and did something to strengthen the frames. Cost: $5,000 total. Was it worth it? Absolutely. These are my all-time favorite speakers. They sound as good if not better than when I first bought them.