Apogee Duetta Sig + Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE

Have someone experience about Sonic Frontiers Power 2 SE with Apogee Duetta Signature?
The Power SE (130 Watts on 2-4-8 ohm) can drive in good way the Duetta Sig?
If someone have experience driving the Duetta with tube amp please tell me his opinion.
Try asking at the Apogee speaker forum, I own Duetta Sig's but only use a tube pre-amp.

Many people there have reported great results with tube amps although I don't recall which ones...try "tubes" in that sites search engine also.

here is a link:


Piero, I have the Sigs and use a 130 wpc McIntosh MC2000 tube amp from time to time on them. If your amp has a good power supply you should be fine up to a point. When that point will happen depends on how loud you want to play them. If 130 wpc isn't enought for you, realize that 260 wpc WON'T be twice as loud. You would need 1300 wpc to double the volume. I've seen the impedance graph on the Signatures. It's pretty flat at around 4 ohms and not bouncing all over the place or dipping real low. The worst it showed was 3.3 ohms with the switch set to high. Your amp should be fine on the 4 ohm tap. Good luck.
Duetta Sigs really like high powered balls to the walls SS amps. I once used a pair of Rowland 1's strapped in mono (240 watts per side) to power Duettas.....and a Rowland 8 (250 watt stereo) blew them away. I didn't listen at gosh awful levels.....but they like the juice. Krells really work well with them. How will Sonic Frontiers do? I don't know.....but I suspect you might prefer the sound of a used Krell.
I had good results with Duettas and the original Power2. OTOH, the Power3 amps seemed more relaxed at the same and adequate levels. My reviews of the amps (which probably contain more than I can recall at the moment) are probably accessible via www.stereophile.com or via Anthem/Sonic Frontiers.