apogee divas

i see alot on here that people who own apogee divas or other similar type speakers some use room treatments while others don't i have tried alot of brands.. and i'm finding my self sending them back. it seems to me that the divas are made to be in a room with little or no treatment to sound their best..my room size is L 17' 10" W 14' 10 ceiling 6' 11" right now i have no treatment in room and aw that diva magic...what do you think?
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I owned the Diva's when they first appeared [around 93 or94 if memory serves].
Like you, i found that the speakers were wonderful with just natural room "acoustics" such as rugs, window treatments , soft couches etc...

Sadly, i think that there is a need on they're part for a better height correlation to width and length then you have now and i do not think room treatments will add any benefits worth the price.
Just my experience, GOOD LUCK!
Apogees do not require as much room treatment as some other speakers. They can be tricky to set up but a carefully placed wall hung rug usually does the trick. Keep in mind most Apogees need breathing room so they tend not to be close to walls.
Have extensive experience with 3 Divas, 3 Scintillas, 3 Stages, 2 C-Majors, one Duetta, and 2 Fullranges.

They are magical speakers. I rate the Stage to be the best sounding Apogee but it cannot play very loud so the Fullrange wins overall.

I am born again Apogee lover because after listening to them for over 15 years I thought the time was to move on to something else like horn or dynamic speaker but then two audio gurus taught me how to place these speakers (I thought I knew, just like every Apogee user thinks).

See my system and pictures and note how far the speakers are from the front wall.

Place your speakers in the middle of the room. yes, that is right in the middle. That would be about 8' or 9'.
Their outer edde should be 8-9 inches from the side walls.
That means they would be roughly 7' apart, inner edge to inner edge, in your room. No toe-in.

Place your listening seat about 6' to 7' from the center line of the speakers (which means 2' to 3' from the rear wall.

This would be the starting point. Now play some loud music with all kinds of frequencies and then adjust your speakers by moving them back or forward and outward and inward 2" to 3" at a time until you find your optimal position where you hear most sound.

This will give you a 3D sound with amazing imaging and yes a killer bass.

If you do not like this position, resort back to the copybook position (3' to 4' feet from the wall). But it does not hurt to try and is better than spending mega bucks on cables that do not even make a difference. Most people have just tried the copybook position that Apogee recommended and hence do not know what they are missing. Apogee probably knew this would generate more amazing sound but they would not recommend it as nobody would buy their speakers if they recommended their speakers to be placed in the middle of the room.

In this position, you do not lose anything and in fact the sound stage is so powerful and imaging so top notch that you do not need any room acoustics. But remember every room is different so you must experiment from the starting point – and this applies to your seating position too.