Apogee Diva with DAX better or not ??

Apogee Diva with DAX cross over really better or not ??
If better, in what areas better ?
there is a review by the absolute sound previously what issue I don't recall but the dax was a definite improvement I do recall
This is going back a way for me, but as I recall better by far in presence especially, but also in soundstage depth (which surprised me a bit)...
I used the display dax w/duetta signatures. before that i used two stereo amps (one to each speaker-one channel to each binding post) in a passive biamp configuration
The improvement to the bass was amazing. control & detail were improved to a new level. soundstaging in all parameters were all improved, & dynamics as well. I cannot recall any shortcomings to this setup.
The divas require some internal changes internal changes to the internal x-over (changing the tweeter resistor) & some users were not up to task.

Thx so far,
I lived with my Divas for over 10 years before packing them away. I had the original DAX with the display for about a year before deciding that I didn't like what it was doing to the sound. Everything became more hifi and a lot less musical. I achieved much better resullts with passive biamping. The most important thing that I learnt living with Divas all those years is that they love clean high power and high current. I went through many different amps from Krell, Levinson, Classe, VTL and ARC in biamp configuration but in the end I realized that depending on the budget the Divas sound much better with one pair of killer amplifiers than any two good pairs. The Divas sound pretty good with all decent amplification, both tube and solid state but the first time I heard them really come to life and sing was with a pair of the Levinson 33s and later a pair of Lamm M2.1s. The Krells, Classes and lesser Levinson amplifiers just don't have the driving capabilities of either the Levinson 33 or the Lamm M2.1.

I don't about know about your budget but you should give serious thought to buying the one killer amp over a DAX with two 2nd tier amplifiers. Of course two pairs of Lamm amps is the best!

rgds, david k.