Apogee Diva VS Magnepan MG-20 ?

Apogee Diva VS Magnepan MG-20 ? Can somebody tell me the difference in sound ?
Strange that you got no answer so far, so here I come again, not that I have in depth experience of either speaker, however offhand I would say, that the Maggies have better soundstaging, are a bit more coherent and play equally loud. Dynamics I would not know, perhaps a touch more with the Divas. But then it all depends on what you have up front. Hope you get more expert replies, 'twas a long time, that I heard either speaker.
Hi I owned Duettas, I have friend with Maggies. Love em both Apogees have razor sharp imaging lots of depth and width require lots of current. Maggies are more forgiving of placement but not as razor sharp. They also need lots
of current. Maggies can be repaired more easily these days.
Hope this will help you. Last year I own a pair of 3.3 maggies and deceide to change for apogee. When to listen to a pair of Diva and was not to thrill about them, but that may be the result of is front component. After when to listen to a pair Scintilla with my component this time and fell in love with the sound but not with those in front of me (they need repair and they were a bit dammage, esthetically). After I found a pair in Detroit for 1000$ in extra perfect condition (about 1000 miles driven from home) and bought them. They got bass like no other speaker and I like them more than I ever liked my maggies. One of my friend you listen to all 4 speakers here (including the MG-20) say IIHO that they were very close to MG-20 if it is not superior by a bit.