Apogee Diva

Legendary speakers from the early nineties. What do you think of them? Are they still competitive with contemporary speakers?

Are Maggies competitive?....look there for your answer. If buying a used pair (not rebuilt)....use caution, because everything in life wears out. Note: You can have them rebuilt to "better than new condition"

You need a very large room for Divas (I'd want at least 20-22ft wide)....if you don't have one, you won't be able to set them up properly.... for peak performance.

they're exceptional, but maggies are as well.
Nothing comes close,world's best ever !
Some of the Diva's are for sale so now and then. I think the owners are asking ridiculous prices for these near 20-year old speakers ($10k-12k is not uncommon). I've seen once a rebuild pair that was for sale. You had to pay... only $16k! Do you think this is still interesting?

Yes they are the best speakers ever made, but if your amp is not top notch, in that case the Apogee Diva will sound blurr.
At least you must drive it with FM acoustics or Rey audio period !!
They are indeed competitive with contemporary speakers and in fact are one of the best value for money high-end speakers. There is one pair in reconsidtioned form on sale at audiogon, an ecellent bargain.

I drove my Divas with tubes using Jadis JA-500 and TUbe Research Labs.....awesome sound.