Apogee DA1000 converter : still good ??

Dear experts , noticed around a bit of 2nd hand DA 1000 converters.
Is it still a top notch quality product or overpassed by Mytek, Prism more recent stuff ?
Tks for your opinion
Never was indisputably lauded. Take a look at the Weiss but you won't find it used for a while.
I agree that the Wesis is a great DAC, so far I have never seen it on Audiogon and plus it came out for less than 2 years since Wesis just started making audiophile DAC and Wesis is DEFINITELY a reference piece, extremely famous in Asia & Europe.
Tks for the lead to Weiss.
I am scared that it will be in another league (in terms of price too)
Any info about their prices ?
I have seen their web, and they also sell Hi-End stuff now !
Weiss Medea is $9800.
Please see the Audio Revolution (http://www.audiorevolution.com/equip/index.html) review and comments on the Apogee DA 1000 DAC.