Apogee centaur minor or Magnepan MMG

I want a set of speakers for my second system. This system is in a small room (12ft. by 17ft.) and I really don't need to do any deep bass on this system. I have already bought the apogee speakers but do not have them yet. If I don't like them I would sell and buy the Magnepan. Has anyone used or listened to these in a room like this? Do they sound at all the same? Any set up info. you could pass on? I have an amp that will drive them {will drive 2ohm load}.
I have a pair of the Apogee Centaur Minor speakers and have been quite pleased with the sonics albeit limited deep base.
I matched it up with a powered sub from PSB and the combination has worked well. The one thing I have learned though, is to not overdrive the speakers in that the cone drivers can be easily damaged. I am personally moving away from this set toward Dunlavy speakers which are built like tanks. Good luck.
Hi, be careful with the Apogees; could be a problem to repair the ribbons.........
Thanks Brauser and Diver,I have a system that does deep bass. These would be used when I am reading or on the computer. I have only listened to the large Apogee and Magnepan speakers before, I hope one of these will capture some of that magic. The ribbons in the old apogees are a worry but I did do some checking and I guess you can find them. Just hope one of them will mate with the room.