Apogee Centaur Major + cary cad 805AE??

Hi Dear Fellows
I have a pair of Cary Cad 805 AE monoblock amps, they are pure class A 50watts per channel.I would like to ask you if you think they are capable of moving a pair of Apogee Centaurus Major speakers, as they have sensivity @ 3m 83db and a nominal impedance of 3.5-6 ohms.
Any Apogee's owners experience will be highly appreciated!

No way Jose

I had run Apogee Duetta Signature by Krell KSA 150.

You need 200W or more to run Centaur to its full potential.

I am having good result with combination of Line Magnetic 805 48W with Lansche 4.1 (99db/w spec but real eff around 95db/W)

12db difference is 4 times power.


I would counsel no.  I have tried to run tube amps on various Apogee ribbons and hybrids over the years and never found a combination that worked.  The amps overheated and clipped, the bass was flabby - these speakers were just not designed for tube amps.  Some have claimed that the Atma Sphere amps work well bit I have no experience with that.

I settled on a Krell KSA-150, later replaced by a McCormack DNA 2.  If I were doing it again today I would consider the Luxman L-509X Class A integrated amp, or maybe a used/rebuilt Moscode 600 if you want some tube sound.

Hi fellows
Thanks for the impresions!
Ok, so I will give up the idea of using a tube amp with Apogee ribbons.I like the detail of these speakers, I had  the centaur with ARC d200 some years ago and they seemed not to run as it full potential.Now I'm in the tube mood so I think Apogee would be to make an SS set up with high current.