apogee caliper or totem tabu???

i have the opportunity to buy a pair of apogee caliper
to replace my totem tabu.i would like to know you opinion
base on your experience ,should i stay with the totem or
should i buy the apogee(the are in perfect order)
my system;
denon dcd 3520
conrad johnson pv-11
bryston 4b
tank you in advance
I had a pair of Calipers a few years back they sound very good wiyh a high current amp.They need to bee set up properly and can be a bit fussy.If you have the space, 3 feet on each side,4 feet behind the Caliper in a medium 150 square feet room they will blow the tabus away.
Tabu, I agree with Musicluvr, the Caliper will blow away nearly any loudspeaker...IF....You give them the right stuff. Buying the Apogee is just the beginning of a brand new audio adventure in your life. ...Just be prepared to sacrifice. No high end component can stand just on its own.