Apogee Big Ben as firewire to aes convertor?

Hi, I'm using the Apogee BB as the master clock for my Dcs Verdi/Purcell/Elgar with great result. I plan to use my Macbook pro as a server to feed the Elgar Plus for 24/192 hires files through firewire. At first I thought I needed the Weiss products such as the Vesta for converting the firewire to aes but I just learned that the BB has an optional card that can accept firewire from my macbook Pro and,I believe, convert to dual aes for 24/192l data.
Anyone has tried this or any comments would be much appreciated.
Hi Suchart,

You can forget about the optional firewirecart for youre BB. Because the card is not for the BB. Its a pitty because thats is what i wanted myzelf. The firewire card was intended for the BB. But Apogee did not went this way. Im am looking for a way to connect my Imac FWire into a masterclock that can connect by AES into my set. The only device I found is the Brainstorm DCD8. Fwire in and AES out. Its hard to find out if it is a good clock or not. (like BB)
If you know anything let me know....