Apogee Acoustics Scintilla - fair market value?

Through a relative I have the opportunity to acquire a pair of Apogee Scintillas. The fabric(?) covers have some scratches and the ribbons all look to be intact. Due to distance and my relative's lack of an amp to drive these babies I have no way to test drive before buying. Any idea what fair market value would be in this situation?

You can check out the Apogee forum here for lots of info from knowledgeable people:

Bottom line, do they have any bass buzz? That can dramatically change their worth.
The buzz is caused by the deteriorating foam between the bass driver (foil) and the frame. The foam is going to go bad sooner or later, and with the age of this speaker, even if it doesn't have the buzz now, it will have it not long into the future. So, anyone interested in buying a pair of non-restored Apogee should budget in the restoration cost if he plans on keeping it for a long time.
if they have the bass buzz I have seen them sell for anywhere between $1000 - $2500.
A full restoration the Scintilla costs in the range of $6000-$7000. Full restoration means - painting the exterior, new ribbons, new x-over parts, re-wiring, re-foaming, new mesh covers, new binding posts & labor costs.