Apogee Acoustics Caliper,which amp?

I have mccormack dna ht1(100x2),yamaha mx1000u(260x2)&citation 5.1(200x2)all are high current.Which amp is for bass&mids.
None of them are the last word in current. The McCormack will probably sound best in the bass and the midrange. I doubt whether either of the other two amps really have sufficient current to make the Calipers sing. Apogees need both power and current. Borrow a Krell of 200 watts or more (not KAV series) or an Aragon 4004, if you want to better understand what current and power can do with Apogees. Keep in mind that you may have to experiment with cabling to obtain a sufficiently musical sound.
Forget the Yamy, Try a Krell, Mark Levinson, Classe, Bryson Etc 100watts or better, Look for doubling down to 2 ohms or even 1ohm. If on a budget a old KSA krell 100 will deliver 800 watts into 1 ohm. Classe DR 250 is another good amp. Also sunfire if you want new stuff at reasonable price,
Apogees seem to work best with Classe Audio amplification, Dave and Jason worked well together way back when...
try 4004mk2 or krell ksa100
Try a Krell KSA-150 or a Classe over 100 watts. Bet they'll act right then; and you won't have to bi-amp either.
Jason Bloom used Classe' amps designed by Dave Reich (the DR series: 6,7,8,9 and 10--the last called the "Ten" with an owner's manual stating it was a DR-10). The synergism was excellent with Apogees. BTW, Jason also used SYMO (Swiss) speaker cable exclusively; in fact, SYMO was sold almost exclusively by Apogee dealers specifically as a match for the speakers--I still use mine with a pair of Avalons. Jason also used Krell amps ocassionally, but was extremely partial to Dave's Classe' designs.
Sorry to say but I must agree with everyone on this one and say krell or classe are abut it
Tough speakers! but they shine with the Krell KSA250's or the old Levinsons! An uncle tried it with the older Carver, Perreaux, even the Mac and no luck! you need muscle in this speaker!
I'm really not a Krell lover, but I have to admit that a KSA300 is probably the best amp for these (or any other non-hybrid) Apogees. Don't like the Krells with other speakers I've owned or heard, but they do sound pretty good with Apogees. Good luck -- nice classic speaker -- replacement ribbons are now available from a chap in Australia. Check out the Apogee newsgroup. Good resource for owners of "orphan" speakers.
Agree on Classe (esp.) & Krell, both in heavyweight version (not discount amper. / 80 W, etc). In another vein, I spent a happy 2 yrs powering my Calipers with EAR 519 (albeit with upgraded capac/rs in the power supply). Phill is right about cabling: use clear and FAST and with monos, SHORT!
Forgot about an amp that should work very well with the Calipers (or any other non-hybrid Apogee). Check out the Innersound amp. This was designed to power their own esl's. Unlimited headroom, loads of current and voltage. All the things that your speakers need. Supposed to sound quite musical, to boot. Innersound has a site with info about their products.
absolutely KRELL KSA 100 MkII with MIT MH 770 spectral ref. Mk II spk cable. Bye