Apodizing... Your impressions?

Although it’s been around for a few years, there isn’t much discussion on A’gon about apodizing (or apodising, if you prefer). I recently installed an apodizing filter on my Meridian G68. The difference in sound was very surprising… greater perceived resolution, more realistic instrument timbres, better PRaT, more precise imaging, and a “relaxed” quality to the sound. The collective result is that music sounds both more involving and more expressive. I didn’t expect such a dramatic effect from a single filter.

I'm aware of the fact that the sound of a dac is determined by a host of factors other than digital filtering. Hence observations about apodizing are most valid in situations where it is the only variable that changes. That was the case for me. I installed the new filter and shazam! …things were quite different. It was remarkable.

And FWIW, although my device is made by Meridian, I didn’t install Meridian’s apodizing filter. I installed a filter created by a private party. (I have no financial or personal relationship with the filter designer.)

I know that Meridian, Ayre, and PS Audio use different approaches to apodizing. I’d be interested to hear other folks experiences with these dacs/players or any others that use apodizing.

That was the filter, minimum phase apodizing, that was my choice among the 5 on my Rega dac. I read in Absolute Sound that they also liked it best on the PS Audio dac. My new dac uses no filters and according to reviews gets along quite well without them. Still waiting for it to get here so can't say what I think yet.