APL parts,... H.R.A.M Denon DVD-3910 ?

I have 48 hrs on a new (old stock) HRAM Denon 3910.
So far so good out of the box. They use parts from APL,
(analog output board and clock).
They also do their "own thing" to improve the performance.
Anyone out there with the same stage II mods?
I was going to purchase the output board and clock and do the mod myself. I found out if you want an APL super clock (designed by Alex) you either send it to APL or HRAM....or buy a modded unit from them (so I did).
Anyone out there had a chance to hear the HRAM Denon? How does this compare to the Apl Denon 3910?
I have had this player in my system now for 22 days, 240+ hours each on Redbook and SACD. This is easily the best digital source I have had the pleasure of listening too! I've owned Onkyo,Sony,Marantz and Esoteric and heard many other fine CDPs in friends systems and Dealer sound rooms This is far superior to anything in my experiance. I think my journey is over for several years.