APL NWO Owners

I'd be interested hearing from any owners of the above as to the tubes you are using as well as power cables, interconnects and isolation.
I've been very happy with the Elrod Statement Gold power cords, Kubala-Sosna Elation interconnects/speaker cables, and the Critical Mass Systems Black Diamond shelf for my NWO-M. Each of these products enhanced the resolution, naturalness, vividness, and musicality. They revealed what the phenomenal NWO-M is capable of. I use the tubes that were supplied with the M upgrade.
I also use the tubes provided, if that's what you are asking. All Synergistic system, including speaker cells and power center. VAC tube amps and preamp, VSA VR-7se w/cap mods speakers, Billy Bags custom rack with 3/4" cracked glass shelves. Sounds pretty good....
I use the supplied tubes with the NWO-M. I used to have Elrod Statements and Evolution Acoustics cables but changed them all for the APL cables. I had Formula Grand Prix rack but replaced it with placing on a wood board and a 20kg weight on top the player.
Thanks Perrew. Are APL cables now available?
My unit does not have tube output but it is passive tranformer-based one and I love it. I use Joule-Electra LA-300ME tube preamp and the combination drives me literally nut so good it is. I can't imagine anything better (except LA-450 of course)

I also used David Elrod Gold Statement PC and APL interconnects. Now, I moved to next level: Purist Audio Design which I feel more accurately represent the acoustic music and while I am professional concert pianist its still my personal opinion.

Simon, what mode of PUrist audio did you moved to?
I am decideing between stealth indra/dream and latest purist dominus ICs and SCs.
Denon1: I use latest Purist Audio generation (Praesto Revision): Purist LE power cord and Ferox Dominus interconnects. Power cord is very, very good but interconnects are simply exceptional

Good Luck

Just an FYI, in case people don't know. David Elrod now has "Diamond" power cords, a step up from the Statement Gold. I imagine they are amazing.
Jfz: Yes, "Diamond" power cords are amazing, its true. I simply never A/B them with Purist LE. Elrod cables are one of the best in the world, no question about it. If you buy them you cannot make an mistake.