APL Denon 3910 Question

I have the original APL Denon 3910, with balanced outputs, originally purchased for only 2 channel audio use. (2005). Now I want to use it for Video through HDMI output and 2 channel audio through the balanced audio outputs. The video circuitry is intact, but my question is: When listening to audio only, it is set to "All off" at Alex' recommendation; when video is used, it has to be set to "Normal". Does this then by-pass Alex' advanced audio circuitry and is it operating as a stock Denon or does the APL better audio circuitry still operate? I wondered, while I am waiting for Alex to answer this question, if anybody knows?
If one setting bypasses the mod performed on the player, wouldn't you be able to hear it when you switch back and forth? Conversely, if you don't hear the difference made from the modification and need to ask others if the circuitry is enabled or not, why get the mod in the first place?
Good question, Jylee, if somewhat cynical/sarcastic. Obviously, I would hope to hear the difference of a mod that costs a few thousand $. I was hoping to have the answer before testing it, since it involves buying a new balanced cable that would be redundant if it bypasses the new circuit. And no, I cant easily test it with single-ended cables, because the output of the APL is 4V, which is too high for the preamp with single-ended, but not for balanced cable. (only 3.7 v - limit is 4 v)
I understand that I can test it, but was trying to get the answer prior to testing it in the hope that I could avoid buying an unnecessary cable. However, since I have not heard from Alex, will go ahead and get a balanced cable and do what you helpfully suggest:)
My suggestion is to just demo a cable from the cable company to avoid making a "purchase" if the cost of the cable is high.

I also have a modded APL Denon with video intact and altho I never tried what you are trying, my educated guess would be that you still get the benefit of the APL mods. As I recall, he suggested "all off" only to get the purest possible signal, therefore your cable purchase will still probably be valid, as I understand your question.

Please let us know what you find out. My Denon was re-modified by Alex last December to act as a 32-bit AKM DAC, but prior to that when I used it I ran it single-ended into my preamp with no problems. I'm guessing maybe our machines are just different (I have se and balanced outputs).

BTW - ALex has been responsive to my e-mails over the past several weeks - sometimes it just takes a little patience as he frequently travels to different locations in Europe.
Alex responded. The APL audio mods are operative when video is playing. It is just slightly quieter when playing audio only, because of clocks, display etc that work during video.
So I will use it in balanced mode, as stated earlier, as I alsao have SE and balanced outputs.