APL Audio

Anyone know what's going on with the APL? I've read some disturbing news/info but don't want to jump to any conclusions.
Been a while but I recently tried getting in touch with Alex since my 3910 is broken. No answers...
Any info is greatly appreciated.

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You are wise not to jump to any conclusions. Alex answered my e-mail last week from Bulgaria (I am assuming). My Denon was also one of the machines he worked on when he was in the States last month. I got a very quick turn-around time, as well as a totally updated machine with new 32-bit DACs, wiring, digital input and Class A tubed(NOS) output stage.

I believe he is currently working on logistics for servicing his products while he is not in the States, as well as taking new production models from development into production.

I would send him another e-mail and/or leave a message on his phone. Hope this helps.