APL Audio

Anyone know what's going on with the APL? I've read some disturbing news/info but don't want to jump to any conclusions.
Been a while but I recently tried getting in touch with Alex since my 3910 is broken. No answers...
Any info is greatly appreciated.
No first hand information, but check out the posts in this thread:

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You are wise not to jump to any conclusions. Alex answered my e-mail last week from Bulgaria (I am assuming). My Denon was also one of the machines he worked on when he was in the States last month. I got a very quick turn-around time, as well as a totally updated machine with new 32-bit DACs, wiring, digital input and Class A tubed(NOS) output stage.

I believe he is currently working on logistics for servicing his products while he is not in the States, as well as taking new production models from development into production.

I would send him another e-mail and/or leave a message on his phone. Hope this helps.