API Power Pack V - How Does the Remote Sensor Work?

I received the Audio Power Industires Power Pack V with my system, and there is a cord coming out of it labeled "Remote Sense." I have no idea what this is or how it works. Does it plug into a separate component I can buy to turn the unit on and off? 

Any help is appreciated. It would be cool to be able to turn my system on and off remotely, especially since the Power Pack V is located at the bottom of the rack. 

Link to my system:

Thanks in advance!
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Have you considered calling API? (714) 545-9495

or, rtfm?

Hey @cleeds ,

The unit came in the original box and packing, but did not include the manual. I scoured the internet for a PDF of it, and could not find one. Thank you for providing the number. I will give them a call.

On a separate note, do you know what "RTFM" stands for? If you're not aware, it's a fairly rude way to offer help.

Either way, cheers, and thanks for sourcing the number!
You are welcome!
Yes, I do know what rtfm stands for, and I really didn't intend for it to be rude. I'm truly sorry if you took it that way. There are other acronyms with rude or crude origins - "snafu" and "fubar" come to mind - but they have somehow made their way into the vernacular and shed that connotation. At least in some quarters, that's the case with rtfm, and that's why I used it.
@cleeds No problem man! I totally get it. No offense taken.