Aphex 109 Tube Parametric EQ

Has anyone auditioned this equalizer?
I am looking at it to tame overly bright and boomy recordings, as well as to introduce tubes in the audio chain.

It's a well designed product that should accomplish what you're looking to do, but be advised that it was not designed to be sonically transparent. It's somewhat colored. The idea is that the buyer wants to hear the tube. You should also consider getting two units and run them mono. It will give you twice the number of EQ bands. Upscale from the Aphex you might look at a Manley Pultec or a Drawmer. If tubes are not a big factor, the Night Technologies EQ3 is quite good.
Thanks for your feedback.

It's just what I've been wondering about...seems that the Van Alstine FET Valve w/tone controls is the way to go for my system. I'll be moving to an apartment in a couple of months and already bought RPG ProFoam Level 1 diffusers and will make two corner bass traps from plans (www.decware.com). I'll take it from there.