Aperion Systems?

Any opinions on Aperion speaker systems... I know it they dont quite compare to your 10k+ systems... but compared to other low-mid budget options, what do you think?
I currently have a pair of their mini-monitors (422's) in my LR system. Amazing sound for only $100ea.

I have also owned a full Aperion HT system based around the 522-PT's with matching center and surrounds. The only reason I sold this was to upgrade and combine two systems into one. There have been times when I have wondered if this was a good move??? For the money, the Aperion system brought a lot of enjoyment!

I've also had a chance to review the 632's for Aperion as well. I listened to these on a Cambridge Audio 340a, PrimaLuna Prologue II and Krell kav-400xi. Paired with the Krell, these sounded like much more expensive speakers!!! I know it is not a logical pairing, but the synergy was there and they sounded damn fine!

For the money, Aperion has always impressed me. They have a very warm, forgiving sound. A speaker you can just sit back and enjoy! With their 30-day in-home trial it's worth giving them a shot. I tried them out simply out of curiousity, thinking they would go back and ended up keeping them! Although my curreny system (at many times the cost) does many things better, I have considered going back to two, seperate, simpler systems - one based around Aperion.

Well, I guess three seperate systems as I still have the 422's paired with the CA in the living room.
Anyone have a negative opinion about Aperion systems?...

It's so hard to gauge - and of course their-own forum is not at all biased (Ha!)...

Anyone else gotten' a chance to hear any of their towers, their center channel (533VAC), or their subs (12")?... naturally there are much more expensive systems out there, but the Aperions fall within my budget for a intro-level HT system...

I hear they have some new products coming out in the near future – a new tower, and a new center ch…. In theory though, 5 ¼ inch drivers are strange sizes for a supposed full range system don’t you think?

I have their powered towers, center channel and bipole-dipole speakers powered by Denon AVR 3805 in a 15*20 room. They have a relatively narrow sweetspot but is enough for my small room. This is the best system I found within my budget after a lot of research. Planning to add a subwoofer when I move this system into a basement with two rear speakers. Dont need a subwoofer as the powered towers provide ample bass to wake up my neighbours in fright.
The finish of the speakers is outstanding and unmatched. Highly recommend their products.
For what itis worth the edition of Stereophile currently on the stands has review of one of their towers. It is amazingly positive considering the cost of the speakers.