Aperion Audio T6 VS NHT Classic Four

Anybody compared these two speakers?
Trying to stay away from overpriced audiophile speakers.
I have the NHTs but have not heard the Aperions so can't really make a direct comparison. Judging by the specs and design I would say the NHT has more bass extension. The Aperions (probably not coincidentally) have more sensitivity.

I've heard these speakers,sounded very goog, i;;m talking about the NHT speakers. I;d say these are the better of the 2.Plus NHT speakers were always good sounding and in my opinion better company, been around awhile, but you must listen first and deceide what you like better.
Both are good and certainly not 'overpriced audiophile speakers'. The NHT gets my vote. Had a pair, briefly. The 10" side firing woofer coupled to essentially the Classic 3 monitor (a fave among reviewers) gave, from memory, a very smooth, non-fatiguing, relatively full-ranged sound. I would have held onto them but the cabinet depth was a little much for my room.

At the factory direct price, really tough to beat.