APC Smart-UPS 1500

So, I got one of These today from an office we closed. Would the voltage stabilization be worth using it in my system?

I'm not sure if there would be any other benefit to me other than the surge protection.

Pawlowski, I see this unit puts out a sine wave similar to the one in our AC plugs. This is the good news, for my 2 cents. Some of these UPSes do sawtooth at the output and that is truly not good for audio gear.

The bad news is that the device is really made for computers. It sits between the gear and the wall and delivers stored juice during power sags and outages, so that your hard disc does not drop bits and your machine does not shut down in a panic during a file copy, a volume header rewrite or any of the other delicate moments in a computer's life.

Key point: it sits between the gear and the wall. Therefore it is a potential bottleneck. Second key point: your audio gear does not really need what it is designed to do.

So as you say, the only thing to be gained by using it may be the surge protection. On the other hand, it may not do good things for your sound. At least it does not look, to me and only to me, as though its output will damage your gear.

However I am no expert. I have just owned a couple of these UPS thingies, some isolation transformers and a few other AC doos and dads. I notice that the spec sheet mentions "less than 5% output voltage distortion at full load". This concerns me, but I do not know why.
For most UPS's, it is not recommended to plug a laser printer into it because of the current draw that the printers require. (Have you ever seen your lights dim when the printer starts?) I would assume that the same would apply to an amplifier, although I have never tried it or know of anyone who has tried it.

Just something to think about.

Hmmm. How 'bout this. I plug my TT motor into the unit to take advantage of the voltage stablization and then then I plug a PS Audio Ultimate Outlet into the unit. I take advantage of the voltage stablization and surge protection and use the UO to provide a "clean" signal to my amp and phono stage?

As you can see, I'm trying hard to fine some use for this. Otherwise, it's going to the curb. It's a shame because it's basically a new unit in great condition.
This is a true sine wave unit and could certainly be used in an audio setup. Who cares if it's meant for computers. It should still provide some "power conditioning", along with the crappy mov surge "protection". You also get the benefit of a battery backup... good for a HT projector or whatever. It's rated at 1440VA that's enough to not restrict power to most amps OR your source components. You probably wouldn't want the amp plugged in to a battery backup outlet though.

Best way though is try it and see. A lot less expensive than some comparable "audiophile" power conditioner units, especially in your case. Course that leads into the whole power conditioner usefulness argument...
Thanx Musicman. I'll give it a shot when my amps get here.

BTW, why don't you think I should plug my amps into the battery backup outlets? Just curious.