AP Virgo replacement parts - Who?

I have the Audio Physic Virgo IIs and need to replace the tweeter and get a set of 8 mm spikes for the base. Where can I get these, "Immedia" is not longer the importer and does not respond to my e-mails, the Audio Physic website shows "SoundQuest LLC" now as the importer, yet they do not respond to e-mails or answer their phone. Any suggestions?
Have you tried to email AP directly? I did last year when I was looking for a manual for my LIbras. They didn't have a manual, but they did send my a reply within a couple of days. the reply was very friendly too. good luck. PS if you do find a place that has the 8mm spikes, please let me know or post here because I am considering a set for my speakers. thanks
I had a very good experience with replacement parts dealing with SoundQuest just a couple of months ago. Here's the contact info I have:

Gabby Amram

I noticed that the Audiophysic website lists a different email address - perhaps that is the one you tried (which didn't work)?

Gabby was very efficient and courteous.