AP's Oval 9 Black vs Audio Art SC-5E vs Nordost??

Trying to determine what is the better step up in sound quality from my current SPEAKER CABLE. My goal is overall greater musicality, and taut bass. I currently have the Audio Art SC-5 standard (which is just OK, NOT THE MORE COSTLY SC-5ER

Either Analysis Plus Oval 9(Black); Audio Art SC5E; or Nordost Purple Flair. Two of the SPEAKER cables retail at $745 for a 12 ft pair; Nordost PF may be more. I have heard the Nordost A FEW TIMES, BUT ONLY BRIEFLY; But not the AA SC-5E or or AP Oval 9 Black. My speakers are Acoustic Zen Adagios driven by Red Dragon digital monoblocks. (The amp "might" be changed later for a stereo PASS XP-150. Will appreciate all comments and advice.
Acoustic Zen Adagios? Sorry, why not Acoustic Zen Satori or Hologram speaker cables?
To JG2; Very good point. Actually I owned the AZ Hologram 2 cable and it was excellent, conveying midrange detail and balance. However, the Hologram 2 had somewhat of a narrow soundstage, and its bass was soft. After selling it, I went to the Audio Art SC-5 speaker cable, then auditioned the Clearday's Single Silver speaker cable which was impressive and possibly had the edge over Audio Arts Nevertheless, I believed that the Adagios deserve much better cable than these overachieving budget brands I tried I also wanted to keep the price down with lower price cables

I never tried Paul's Clearday (top of the line) Double Silver Shotgun. Unfortunately, both brands did not have any "loaners" of their best speaker cables; I did not want to just plunge into buying new speaker cables without some type of audition, recommendation, or review. So I decided I ask in this thread about the Analysis Price Oval 9 or the Nordost "Purple Flair" Above the Oval 9 Black is the Oval 9 Big Silver, and next the level of Nordost is the new LS Red Dawn. Both are approx $1200 retail for about 8ft. And I need a 12 ft which is about $200 more retail price unless, I choose to take the chance on uneven lengths. (See my thread under Cables which asks about this potential technical problems of an a pair of unequal length speaker cables.
I saw that thread, but thought the replies were appropriate. No, I don't think unequal lengths will be an issue.

I have owned the Nordost Heimdall and Analysis Plus Solo Crystal 8 speaker cables. I preferred the Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun over both of those cables. Of course, as always, YMMV.
Why tale a chance? Just call The Cable Company. Then you'll know for sure.
Hey Sunnyjim,

I also have the SC-5's but I think they are better than just ok personally. :o) I have had many cables that I played with in the recent past and keep coming back to the SC-5's. I to am interested in upgrading but it's hard knowing just what & how much it's going to cost to beat them "substantially". I am going to borrow a pair of the new Stereolab LectraLine's from my local dealer this week as I have a couple of Stereolab IC's and really like them.

Will let you know how them compare to the AA's when able.

BTW...price for 2M pair is $495.
Thanks to all have responded so far.

To Telescope-trade. Thanks for the suggestion; Let me know what your impressions were of the Stereolab speaker cable. This is all such a crap shoot with cables, so often the sound is dependent on the electronics, and IC's(especially if they are a different brand than the speaker cable.)and to a degree room acoustics.

To ZD542: I am not sure the Cable Company can help, unless you are suggesting auditioning at least 5 to 10 loaners. A couple months ago, I was recommended a speaker cable called Crimson( could be more to the name I'll check) They actually encourage home audition of their cable contingent on available loaners and lengths
TO Telescope trade: I cannot find a link on Audiogon about the Stereolab speaker cable. Can you provide the link to their site??. I have to be honest I have never heard of this brand or the model of speaker cable you indicated.

Also,..... what happened!! Nobody even mentioned the "new" Leif Nordost series of cable. I think the model I cited the "Purple Flare" has been outdistanced by the next step up, the new Nordost "Blue Heaven" cables. I have read a few reviews and they are very good; unfortunately, they are too expensive for an 8ft pair,...let alone a 12 ft pair whereas the Purple Flare are reasonable depending on length. Thanks, Jim
Sunnyjim, Here you go.


Just picked them up today and immediately I can tell you they are superb sounding. I need to break them in but so far they are (compared to the AA's) faster, clearer, much more dynamic, and all at the same time far more musical. BTW, I also got the IC also, so put them in at the same time. More later, but so far I like them a lot at the 4.5hr mark. :o)
Telescope, you might want to just audition the speaker cables without their the IC plugged. This will provide a better perspective on their sound quality, especially compared to the Audio Art SC-5. I think this will tell more as to what you got.

BTW. do you know what the major sound differnce between what you purchased and the Neo-Morpheus speaker cable?? Did you audition them?? Lectral line is 895.00 for a 12M pair and 695.00 for a 10M pair
"I am not sure the Cable Company can help, unless you are suggesting auditioning at least 5 to 10 loaners."

You should have no problem getting 5 to 10 cables for demo.I would definitely give them a call.