AP Copper Oval ICs

Well after two weeks with these ICs in my system they are staying. They have the same strengths as AP Oval 9 speaker cables, so those that were not impressed need not try these. Again like the speaker cables they are so smooth and natural at first you think they are too relaxed, but after extended listening other ICs sound exaggerated and strained. The 3D soundstage is massive and deep, amazing at this price level. Detail is impressive, and presented in totally natural, unforced manner. Does not have extended treble energy of best silver cables, or the speed, but I have not heard any silver cable sound this natural......who else has used this IC? Sam
I have been using the Copper Oval IC's for several weeks now and almost totally agree with Megasam. After listening to these I substituted my Harmonic Tech Pro Silway II's and couldn't stand to sit down in front of the speakers and listen. By comparison the sound was dry, mechanical course and iritating. I tried putting new tubes in my preamp. Didn't help much. The Silver cables are more detailed and "exciting" but they do NOT sound like music. With the Copper Ovals you can sit back and enjoy the music. Crank up the volume and they still sound great! Highs are gorgeous, bass deep and full. The only complaint I have is that the midrange is a little bit too liquid. Some details are glossed over. I guess for that last bit of detail you'll have to spring for the Silver ovals. Anyone tried them? Overall the finest cable I have ever used. If you love the sound of a great tube amp but don't like the cost, upkeep, colorations, and other limitations, these cables will give you much of that sonic heaven for pocket change. My system consists of the following: Analog: Michell GyroSE; Rega RB300; Grado Ref.Sonata. McCormack Micro phono Digital: Sony SCD-777ES Amplification: Melos SHA Gold; McCormack DNA-1 Rev.B Speakers: B&W Nautilus 804 Cables: A+Oval 9 Speaker Cables; Harmonic Tech Truth Link, Pro Silway, Prosilway II; Kimber Silver Streak; A+ Copper Oval.
Dbear, my only slight reservation about AP copper oval as I hinted at above is not the midrange, but treble is so smooth and natural it slightly lacks the "sparkle" and bite that is present in other cables, rounding of the spires so to speak. I am being very critical here for $250 cable, it is extremely good value for the money, and the 3D presentation is near reference quality. I would not spend $600 for AP silver ICs as there are many good silver ICs much cheaper. Have you tried using one AP copper oval IC with another IC that has more treble extension? This seems to be good combo, and is how I am currently using them, Sam
Meagasam: I guess this is a system matching thing. My Nautilus speakers have plenty of high end sparkle without using a bright cable. I tried combining the A+ and Harmonic Tech silver cables and wasn't satisfied in my system. I'm sure you might come up with a combination that suits you but in my system it seemed that rather than complementing each other I could hear the limitations of each, oh well! As far as the A+ Silver cables go I just bought a pair and will let you know. Yea, I think they are pretty expensive but if they can give the 3d imaging, warmth and "bloom" of the copper with a bit of extra speed detail and extension then they will have my vote for the worlds best cable. Remember, just because an IC is silver and cheap does NOT mean it is good. I could not stand the Kimber Silver Streaks in my system they were way too Zippy.If you are using classic tube amps or rolled off speakers they might be just the thing. In MHO most modern High End speakers are voiced way too bright. Usually the brighter speaker will sound more open and detailed in the showroom. I think Vandersteen has the right idea that you should be able to tune the speaker to match the room acousitcs and associated equiptment.
Dbear, we have almost the same IC collection. I am using AP copper oval IC from CDP to preamp and HT Truthlink IC from preamp to amp, speaker cables are AP Oval 9 double runs. The truthlink I believe has a little more treble energy than AP copper, and the two together give me the right balance. My silver ICs are HT ProSilway II, and they are much better than Kimber SS or KCAG couldn't agree more. Clement Perry and others at Stereotimes.com love AP silver IC, but it is too expensive for me and last year they all loved HT ProSilway II.....let us know what you think about AP silver ICs, Sam......All my system is Musical Fidelity gear.