AP Bi-Oval 9 Break-in

I recently bought a new pair of AP Bi-Oval 9's, the new black and yellow ones for my Totem Arros. I'm very familiar with the notion of a break-in period, which can be maybe 300 hours on these. My question is what will change? I notice a lot more bass with these cables over the AP Bi-Oval 12, but perhaps too much, even with the modest Arros. It sounds flabby and bloated. Will this subside with time? Or is break-in mostly in the higher frequencies?
I just installed some lightly used speaker cables .. The first 5 hours of playtime these,cables sounded exactly as you described yours..Very warm,and very round bass with very round notes...Upon 8-10 hours everything changed completely..Now they sound wonderfull...So give them a little more time and you should notice them snapping into focus soon..I do realize my cables have already been broken in but you could very well have the same situation..It'll just take more time since your cables are new.....Good luck.......