Anyway to improve the sound of Tannoy Saturn s6?

I just bought a pair of Tannoy Saturn s6's brand new sealed boxes. They reach fairly low and are quite smooth, but...they sound like someone has draped a blanket over them! The mids sound muffled (not sharp) and somewhat distant while the highs are subdued and appear to roll off quickly. I have run them for about 100 hours and they have improved somewhat. Does anyone have experience with the Tannoy Saturn line? Any suggestions? Best power source?
Have a pair of S6 run by a B&K St-140. I found a significant difference when I introduced the B&K as opposed to my previous Denon integrated. What amp are you running? Try combinations with and without bass plugs. The room placement is also somewhat an issue. A little move away from back/side walls will make a difference. The Tannoys are a very neutral sounding speaker if set up correctly. I have very much enjoyed mine.

I had a pair of S6 and had the same problem. The bass output is just too strong and lacks control. This has a negative effect on mid-band clarity. As for the tweeter roll-off, that´s how Dual Concentrics usually sound, especially the Saturn line because it´s the cheapest, and it´s not transparent on the HF. I suggest you try with amps, sources and cables with fast bass, they can help a lot. Inserting the foam plugs will help reducing bass energy and the speaker will sound more controlled, but with less air and smaller soundstage. Bass reflex speakers are designed to work with the ports open so the foams are a solution that partially compromises sound.
The Saturn S8 LR (monitors) are best than the s6. And even better are the System 800, which are studio monitors and have the same drivers, but stiffer cabinets. I presently own one of these and they really are more transparent and fast.
I´m writting from Chile, so if there´s something you don´t understand I apologize. Regards.
I think the neutral sound of most Tannoys surprise some people. You didn't mention the amp you are using. Personally I feel tube amps sound more muted with these speakers. I do not know if this is your case.

If you can, try moving them further away from the wall or corners. Speaker spikes may also make a difference although it is "mostly a muddy bass fix". These are good sounding speakers. I have just sold a pair of S8LRs and they have a similar sound. I have a pair of S6LRs and a S6C for sale if you are interested. I have now started my larger floor-standing speakers. Good luck.