Anything wrong with PS Audio DirectStream DACs?

I'm counting right now 19 (nineteen) PS Audio DSD DACs for sale (new and used). Strange. Some second owners also selling... The reviews are unanimously stellar.

I wonder why.
You really took the time to count the number of DirectStreams for sale? I wonder why.
wow talk about a lot of free time on hand.
There are folks who chase the absolute best (to them). The DirectStream has been very well reviewed and in terms of the cost of the best DAC the DirectStream is a bargain (as frightening as that sounds). For those folks they buy a unit, try it for a short time, then move on to the next thing. I have no idea if they get the new unit at a reduced cost so are selling for a small loss or buying at full retail and are taking a big hit. I certainly don't have that kind of disposable income!
out of curiosity, it took 8.5 seconds to count the listings...