Anything under 3 years is just flirting....

How long have you had your loudspeakers, and why?
No flirt here....1995

ATC SCM 20 passive since 1995. SCM 0.1/15 Sub since 1999. SCM 100A since 2005. Before that I used to change speakers every year or so and never spent more than a couple of thousand dollars on a pair of speakers. I consider myself lucky as I stumbled on ATC completely by accident (when I had some spare time on a business trip to the UK) ...most consumers never get to hear them (except in an indirect way when they buy music, which is often mix/mastered on these speakers).
Cain & Cain IM-Bens w/ dual Bail subwoofers - exactly 2 years.

You're right, we're still barely getting to know each other.

Actually, I think it takes a while to finally dial in the supporting characters of a system around speakers. Change of cables here, new source there, etc.
Tetra 205's for 7 years. Great for my tiny room with YBA electronics and a Linn LP12.
1.5 years, which for me is like dog years! I usually swap out gear once every 6 months. I love my Usher BE-10s.
17+ years. Shahinian Diapasons. Many others have tried to move them aside. They're still here.
The Merlin VSMs and Verity Parsifals that rotate in my main system have been there for 7 and 9 years, respectively. Newer stuff occassionally stops in for a one or two year stand in other parts of the house. Variety being the spice of life an all.

Got mine in 1997.

Coincident Digital Master w/matching Troubass subwoofers. Kind of like larger, tube friendly WATT/Puppy. Made when Coincident was into asymetrical walled enclosures, before the cabinetry costs/complexities had to bow out in order to achieve production volume.

Had the ScanSpeak Revelators installed, midwoofers rebuilt, rewired, cabinets stuffed/walls damped. Have no intention of replacing them.