Anything to compete with Sony UHP-H1 ?

This unit has a thorough feature mix for the money.
I'm waiting for the Oppo 4K to be officially disclosed. They've announced it but the specs are still not known, I think. Correct me,please. :)

I use Samsung UHD-K8500 hooked up to the latest 4K LG OLED screen - no complaints. Not sure I would consider to buy anything that doesn't play 4K UHD discs.
The Sony is only $350--the OPPO will be $1500 +.
Shadorne the picture must be awesome. I've only a Panny good for Bluray quality and don't foresee changing anytime soon. I still watch DVD and 720P streaming; not that they compare.

Thank you jafant.. I like clear succinct answers :)
Right now I am mainly interested in it as a bridge streamer for my audio files, not picture quality. It has both WIFI and Ethernet connectivity. I would use the digital out to connect into my DAC. This unit is also DNLA compliant so can use any DNLA compatible control App.

Sounds like a great buy from specs. Am I missing something?
Oppo 203?
Hi ptss,

I visited the Oppo website and studied their info on the new 203. It looks to me like they have opted to move focus toward video and away from audio with this player. The only thing that I found impressive is the new transport.

What a let down this must be for the Oppo faithful that were expecting a new "Giant Killer" digital audio player. Is there another model to follow that is more geared toward the audio side?

Best to you ptss,
So do I, ptss. Happy Listening!
I have listened to the uhp-h1 for 2 weeks, using analog outputs.
On sonics, it is the worst player i have heard in my house in the past 20 years.  It compresses cds and sacds to a incredibly low level of dynamics.  Let's not talk about its OS.. .a joke compared to a $29.99 roku.  Video is ok.
I compared this sony to a yamaha bd-s677 hooked up to a marantz 8400 and totem hawks.
so on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being worst, the audio is a 1.  It is that bad.