Anything similar to Bose Cinemate 120 system?


I'm trying out a Bose Cinemate 120 system for our bedroom. I really like it's small size (small sound bar and wireless sub) and its capabilities, like wireless connectivity for streaming, room processing, and imitation surround sound for the TV. But, I hate it's sound, build quality, and price for what you get.

I'm not looking for the Shangri-La of bedroom sound, but I would like to improve on the Bose system. Anyone have suggestions for a better system that is small, like the Bose, with similar capabilities?

Thanks, Fred
Cambridge Audio, Mirage, Gallo.
If you're looking for a two-piece (multi-channel soundbar plus sub) system, Sony's version sounded surprisingy good to me when I heard it at a local boutique. I didn't get a model # or price, though.

Sonos makes their version of this scheme, too. I haven't heard it, but I use and like Sonos' other products throughout my home.

Good luck.