Anything like an Altec Model 19

I'm smitten by the M19, but can't find one near DC. Is there anything else like an M19 that I should consider, which may be easier to find?
My short answer is "no." I would wait because a pair is bound to show up at some point.
Pi speakers, at the risk of a pedant crucifying me.

If I were you, I would rent a van if you don't have very large vehicle and drive to get 19s.
I was looking a Pi Speakers; but they are very dear (in price) and I can't find any reviews or an audition...

I suspect I will eventually rent a van to drive to M19s, but first I need to find some for sale. Not much out there right now: I think I missed a pair in Boston.

I thought maybe A7 instead but they are significantly larger.
There is a lot of good word over at audio asylum in the high eff forum and in looking at all the info Wayne presents at his website, it appears they are the real deal. Doesn't of course in any way compare to actually having heard a I suspect you have with the 19s.
Right, having heard some Model 19s, I can see how some Pi models might be close; but they also seem really pricey. It bugs me when manufacturers -- even the small guys, who I tend to prefer dealing with -- give a per single speaker price. Ugh: hate that.

I think maybe there's a Yamamoto Sound Craft model -- YS 500 -- that has a big woofer and a horn that might be similar to 19s. But I can't imagine where I could find to audition those, either.
The Model 14 is a better approximation of the Model 19's voicing and presentation than is the A7, in my opinion.

PiSpeakers are excellent, and I consider Wayne Parham to be one of my teachers. The reason for the per-speaker pricing is that a lot of people buy three, with home theater in mind. I have a pretty good idea of the cost of the components Wayne uses, and his profit margins are quite modest.

How about a Valencia?
Danley Sound Labs is ten hours away. They have a listening room and their speakers are supposed to be very good.
What is the going price for a pair of Mint Altec Model 19's?
I have heard Pi speakers more than once, and I would have to strongly disagree that they sound anything like a good pair of Altecs. I would say a different model of Altecs would be the way to go, there are always a few pairs on offer here.

I would also add that Duke is being modest - his speakers sound quite a bit better than Pi, IMO. I was very underwhelmed by the Pi's I have heard, and I found Duke a much nicer guy to talk to, as well.
I agree with Audiokinesis and Learsfool - the Model 14 is probably going to sound the most similar to the Model 19, although there are still big differences.

Consider your room. The 19s are huge. Unless you have a really large space the 14s might be better. Upgrading or rebuilding the crossovers will result in the loss of some muddiness in the mid and upper ranges, but unfortunately the 14s will never produce the same low-end extension of the 19s.