Anything better than Proceed?

I have been looking at amplifiers and preamps for home theater for quite a while now. After much thought it seems that there isn't much better than the proceed AVP and the HPA 2/3 amps for home theater system. If anyone has any thoughts as to better systems for the same or less money I would appreciate suggestions.
I have the hpa2, have not regreted that decision in the least. Great bottom end with lots of power, I could only imagine how the combo would be for H.T.
The Cal Audio Labs SSP-2500 is considerably better than the Proceed AVP being much more advanced with newer chips and faster processing as well as superior sonics. I sold my Avp and purchased one. You will not have video switching but the Avp does not switch component or Hdtv signals anyway so this was not a factor for me. The Cal retails for about 400.00 more that the Avp but you get a Pronto remote with it. If you need video swithcing you will have to buy the companion video switcher. I assure you the Cal will outperform the Avp on 2 channel analog pass and surround sound. As for the amps, I do not think the Cal amps are that much better than the proceed ones. I use Aragon amps with my unit. Check out Widescreen Review for a review of this av pre-amp. Cal is not as well known but once you hear the unit you will not be happy with any other processor.
I auditioned the AVP and HPA3 in my home and it was slightly better than what I had at the time. Several months later I bought an EAD Ovation Plus processor and EAD PM 2000 amp which was about the same money but a substantial upgrade. IMHO Proceed gear is overpriced for what you get.
For the amps, you have to check out the new bat VK-6200. Much better sound than the Mark Levinson amps imho, which are a step up from Proceed...see
Hello Mizendo: I have the AVP and AMP 5 and much like you, spent a lot time researching a "perfect match". I do not know how "considerbly" better other brands can be, but one thing is for certain -- Proceed will NOT disappoint you. This is such a subjective arena and the variables are pretty much endless. After lugging 125 lbs amps to the basement several times, I do not know what gave up first, my ears or back (just kidding). Make it fun, go with trusted/dedicated brands, try, try again, and do not forget the cables. Did you not just ask about PSB's in a different message? If so, the Proceed in conjunction with PSB speakers will give you a terrific HT experience. Let me know if you have any questions about that particular match. Have fun and good luck.
You might try giving McCormack a try.
i own the system you have in question. In my personal opinion it sounds unbelievable. If you only are going for home theater and music is not that great of a concern I would also audition the krell setup. There is definately a little more exitement there but I listen to alot of music and the krell hurts my ears after a while.For the money the only thing close for both i think is the meridian and the new 568 is 1500 more and has no video switching. The AVP is simpler to use than any other piece I have ever owned or setup. The fact that the front three channels are balanced is also great, especially for music. The amps have limitless power I run a set of revel salons and I still think the speakers limit the power of the amp. The HPA's have great detail and soundstage. For a while I thought that the system wasn't sounding the way I wanted to and I was thinking about changing processors but before I did I talked to mjy sales rep and he analyzed my room acoustics and fixed some inherent problems in it and that was night and day the sound is what I wanted in spades. In my opinion go with an AMP5 and spend the rest getting your room fixed it makes that big of a difference.
I have a Cal Audio 2500, and can say that its DA for straight stereo is much better than I exoect it. I am comparing it to a tweaked Wadia 270 w/Wadia 27ix and the Cal audio has a Perpetual Technology upsampler in front. The Wadia combination is better, but no that much better, and the price difference is a lot. For movies I believe you will be hard press to find a better unit. As far as upgradability I question any companies ability to keep up with technology.
That's great news that the Perpetual tech upsampler works well with the Cal SSP-2500, I will try one. I was considering the 2500 series dvd player since it also upsamples but really wanted to hold out for one that did dvd-a as well. Do you won the video switcher?
All good responses. I find my Krell HTS and Krell amps with all Aerial speakers to be outstanding on surround and stereo. The HT world is in a constant state of change, so I think it's important to ensure that you also have a good stereo setup; I'm currently using a Meridian for that. Still, I can see changing the preamps within a year.